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Many packaging companies are particularly interested in packaging chocolate, wrapping sweets and wrapping candy in general.

In Swiss Pac we also care about packaging bags designed to suit the packaging of chocolate and sweets in general.

If you are looking for packaging and packaging solutions for chocolate and sweets, do not look away, you have found what you are looking for in high quality and suitable price.

We suggest to customers who wish to pack bags for packing chocolate and other sweets in various types and sizes of packaging bags that we produce. There are straight or straight bags available in several sizes and colors ready in stock.

The bags are available in different sizes from 28 g and 50 p to 5 kg bag, while the available colors are different and there are red, black, gold, and transparent and other colors.

There are also bags side effects suitable for packing chocolate and sweets and cookies. These bags are available in several sizes from 250 g to 3 kg and are also available in several colors.

We offer you two choices, pre-packaged bags or bags with logo printing or design for your products. We have a distinguished team of graphic designers. If you do not have design or have an old design and want to change, we provide you with this service.